Mixed Use Building In Oregon
Mixed Use Building In Oregon

Brian Leitgeb, President

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Brian Leitgeb TriTalent FundingBrian Leitgeb founded TriTalent Funding Group, Inc in 2004, after having enjoyed a successful 12-year career working for and eventually rising to lead Irwin Paul Company, a wholesale fashion accessories supplier and servicer to chain retail stores. Under Brian’s leadership, Irwin Paul was able to develop, expand, and work with national retailers, including WalMart, Fred Meyer, Rite Aid, Drug Emporium, PayLess Drug, and Thrifty Drug, as well as regional chain stores such as Raleys Food Centers, Smiths Food and Drug, Long’s Drug Stores, Bartells Drug, and Hi-School Pharmacy.


Brian had been an investor in private loans, and when Irwin Paul Company was sold in 2004, he saw an opportunity to create a niche to serve investors and borrowers alike in the world of private lending.


In his own words:


“When I started TFG, there was very little access in the private lending market for hard-working, responsible borrowers to be able to secure reliable funding, either because a bank couldn’t react quickly enough or couldn’t check a certain box on their spreadsheet.


Yet, at the time, being a ‘hard money’ lender was basically synonymous with being a loan shark. Many of our first clients came from other private lenders who would make commitments, without having the actual funds to do the deal, often leaving the borrowers abandoned when it was time to fund the loan.  


Other hard money lenders were notorious for changing terms at the last minute or inserting language in loan documents that made defaulting on a loan an almost certainty and would seize on the first opportunity to default loans, so they could charge huge penalties and default interest rates.


I wanted TFG to be known for our integrity, transparency, and reliability, much like a bank, but easier and more efficient for borrowers to deal with. One of the things our team can be most proud of is our high rate of return customers.  I believe that is a pretty unique characteristic in our industry.  We love our first time clients and many may only ever need a private loan one time in their lives, but our real strength is building relationships by being consistent, efficient, and reliable.”


Brian enjoys traveling with his wife, playing golf with friends, and watching his boys play high school and collegiate sports.  He also has a passion for coaching and believes strongly in the values instilled in young people through participating in team sports. For more than 20 years, he has been a volunteer coach at the collegiate, high school, and youth levels.


Brian has also served on several non-profit boards in the Portland metropolitan area.


Please note: We have loan offices in Portland, Oregon and Waco, Texas, and we primarily lend on real estate that’s located in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Texas.

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