Mixed Use Building In Oregon
Mixed Use Building In Oregon

Short-Term Bridge Loans – Quick Funding

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We make deals happen! Thanks to loan approval in 24 hours and funding in as little as 48 hours, we help our clients achieve their business goals.


At TriTalent Funding Group, many of the clients who come to us already have preliminary (or even final) loan approval for an SBA loan or a conventional real estate loan, but are anxiously waiting for the loan to close. The snag could be anything – an environmental study, an appraisal, a loan packet stuck in underwriting. Facing a looming performance deadline, our clients might be at risk of losing the business opportunity they’ve been pursing.


That’s where we step in, by providing quick funding, bridge loans at competitive rates.


Short-Term Bridge Loans

We offer short-term, bridge loans (one-year loan term), including:


Flexible, Creative Lending Solutions

We’re often asked to step in and provide bridge loans for:


We can provide loans to individuals, partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and trusts. We need to be in the first lien position for the real estate that you’re putting up as collateral, and our bridge loans can be for up to 75% of the value of the collateral property. Our in-house loan approval process is easy – we just need a credit report, personal financial statement, and 90 days of bank statements (or 2 years of tax returns). Even though we’re sometimes referred to as “hard money lenders,” there’s nothing hard about working with us, and we’re committed to your success.


For more information about our loan programs, or to schedule a free consultation, please call (503) 222-4466.


Please note: TriTalent Funding Group is based in Portland, and we offer bridge loans in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Texas, as well as other states. In addition to bridge loans, we also provide short-term commercial loans, construction loans, and residential investment property loans.


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