Mixed Use Building In Oregon
Mixed Use Building In Oregon

Hard Money, Bridge Loans For Sales Agreements Expiring

To schedule a free loan consultation, please call (254) 230-0012 (for loans in Texas) or (503) 222-4466 (for loans in Oregon and other states).


There’s nothing worse than being under contract to purchase a piece of real estate or business and watching the clock tick away as you wait for final loan approval and funding. With your earnest money at stake – and potentially the fate of the deal – you can’t take chances with your funding.


SBA loans for businesses are notoriously slow to close, and conventional loans for real estate might seem like a slam-dunk when you have good credit and adequate collateral, but they rarely are.


Common Funding And Escrow Issues

We can provide financing for real estate purchases or business purchases that might otherwise become delayed or fall through because of loan approval and escrow issues, including:

  • appraisals
  • environmental studies
  • zoning
  • lease agreements
  • liens on the real estate
  • tax returns
  • tax liabilities
  • insurance
  • financial statements
  • business structure
  • pending litigation
  • errors in public records
  • title issues
  • delay in the review and preparation of closing documents


Short-Term Bridge Loans For Real Estate

When your business opportunity is at risk, we can help! At TriTalent Funding Group, we specialize in quick funding for short-term, bridge loans, that we offer at competitive rates. We can provide loan approval in 24 hours and funding in as little as 48 hours. The approval process is fast and easy – we just need a credit report, a personal financial statement, and 90 days of bank statements (or 2 years of tax returns). Loan approval is done in-house, and we’re flexible and creative with our lending solutions. Because we offer short-term loans, we’re often lumped into the category of “hard money lending,” but there’s nothing hard about what we do or how we work with clients.


Types Of Properties

Our real estate bridge loans range from $75,000 to $7 million, and we have loan programs for:


At TriTalent Funding Group, Inc., we’ve been providing commercial loans and bridge loans since 2004. We have offices in Portland, Oregon and Waco, Texas,  and we provide loans in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Arizona, and Texas (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Waco, and other areas).


For more information about a hard money loan, or to get a quote, please call (254) 230-0012 (for loans in Texas) or (503) 222-4466 (for loans in Oregon or other states).


In addition to bridge loans, we also provide short-term commercial loans, construction loans, and residential investment property loans.


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