Gas Station Oregon
Gas Station Oregon

Gas Stations – Bridge Loans, Commercial Loans

To schedule a free loan consultation, please call (254) 230-0012 (for loans in Texas) or (503) 222-4466 (for loans in Oregon and other states).


We make deals happen! Thanks to commercial loan approval in as little as 24 hours and loan funding in as little as 48 hours, we help our clients achieve their business goals.


Types Of Gas Station Loans

Our types of commercial loans and bridge loans for gas stations include:


Types Of Gas Stations

We can provide commercial loans and bridge loans for many types of gas stations, including:

  • full-service gas stations
  • self-service gas stations
  • gas stations with convenience stores
  • gas stations with car washes
  • gas stations with auto repair shops
  • 24-hour gas stations
  • truck stops


Borrowing Entities For Gas Station Loans

Our commercial loans are available for individuals, partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and trusts.


TriTalent Funding Group, Inc.

Since 2004, we’ve been providing bride loans and commercial loans for many types of business, including gas stations. TriTalent Funding Group is based in Portland, Oregon and Waco, Texas.


Quick Loan Approval And Funding

We can often lend in circumstances that traditional lenders would shy away from, and we can provide quick loan approval (in a day, in some cases) and quick loan funding (in as little as 7 days). Our gas station loans are typically for up to 1 year (with no prepayment penalty), and you pay interest only, on a monthly basis.


Lending Areas

We have offices in Portland, Oregon and Waco, Texas, and we provide loans in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Arizona, and Texas (Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Waco, and other areas).


For more information about commercial gas station loans, or to schedule a free consultation, please call (254) 230-0012 (for loans in Texas) or (503) 222-4466 (for loans in Oregon or other states).


Please note: In addition to providing gas station loans, we also offer commercial loans for most types of businesses, including: hotels and motels, self-storage units, warehouses, retail buildings, office buildings, industrial buildings, mobile home parks, RV parks and campgrounds, raw and undeveloped land, and more.

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