House being renovated
House being renovated

Fix And Flips – Hard Money Loans, Bridge Loans

To schedule a free loan consultation, please call (254) 230-0012 (for loans in Texas) or (503) 222-4466 (for loans in Oregon and other states).


Whether you’re doing your first fix and flip, or you’re a seasoned flipper, we’d love to be your lending partner!


Fix And Flips Loans In A Competitive Market

Perhaps more than any other type of real estate investment, successfully fixing and flipping a property requires the ability to move quickly when you find the right property. If the property that you plan to fix and flip is a “bargain,” you’ll have to move even more quickly. And if there are other potential buyers (homeowners, investors, and/or other fix and flippers) circling around, you’ll need to be able to secure financing right away.


Fix And Flips Loans For Properties That Need Extensive Work

Also, to achieve the profit margins that you want, you might need to buy a property that needs work, perhaps a lot of work. Traditional lenders and mortgage companies are rarely willing – or able – to handle this type of loan, but we are!


About TriTalent Funding Group

At TriTalent Funding Group, we provide short-term loans (up to one year) that range from $75,000 to $7 million. We can loan to individuals, partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and trusts. There’s no pre-payment penalty on our loans, and you pay interest only over the term of the loan, through monthly payments.


Advantages Of Using A Hard Money Loan For Fix And Flips

The primary advantages to using a hard money loan for a fix and flip project include:

  • quick loan approval (typically within a few days)
  • quick loan funding (typically within 7 days)
  • no prepayment penalties
  • can potentially finance the property, plus get money for renovations


Other Types Of Residential Loans

In addition to providing hard money loans for fix and flips, we also provide loans for BRRRRs (buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat), renovations and rehabs, non-owner occupied and rental properties, and vacation homes and second homes.


For more information about fix and flip loans, or to schedule a free loan consultation, please call (254) 230-0012 (for loans in Texas) or (503) 222-4466 (for loans in Oregon and other states).


Please note that we provide hard money loans throughout Texas, including: Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Waco, and San Antonio. We also provide hard money loans in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and Arizona.

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