House plans and key
House plans and key

Renovation And Rehab – Hard Money Loans, Bridge Loans

To schedule a free loan consultation, please call (254) 230-0012 (for loans in Texas) or (503) 222-4466 (for loans in Oregon and other states).


If you need money to renovate or rehab a residential property that you own or are considering buying, we can help!


At TriTalent Funding Group, we provide short-term loans (up to one year) that range from $75,000 to $7 million. We can loan to individuals, partnerships, LLCs, corporations, and trusts. There’s no pre-payment penalty on our loans, and you pay interest only over the term of the loan, through monthly payments.


We’d love to talk to your about your renovation project, and we’re often able to say “yes,” when other lenders might say “no.”


Challenges Of Getting A Loan To Finance Renovations

Traditional lenders and mortgage companies, by nature, are risk averse, which is why it can be difficult to obtain conventional financing for a renovation or rehab project. Below are some of the common reasons borrowers get turned down after applying for a renovation loan.


Borrower’s Financial Situation: Most banks and mortgage companies rate a borrower’s credit worthiness, debt-to-income ratio, history of consistent income and more before providing funding. If all of this isn’t stellar, the borrower might be turned down.


Initial Property Condition: Properties in need of significant renovation often can’t meet other lenders’ minimum standards for habitability and safety, which makes them poor collateral for a loan.


Project Feasibility: With every renovation project, there’s always the risk that the rehab could go over budget, take longer than expected, and/or uncover structural challenges. Banks hate uncertainties and tend to avoid loans that aren’t clear-cut.


Appraisal Issues: It can be challenging to appraise a property accurately before renovations, yet most lenders rely heavily on appraisals to determine loan amounts. When banks and mortgage companies are uncertain about the property’s value post-renovation, they’re often reluctant to provide funding.


Uncertainty In Final Value: Traditional lenders are concerned with the after-renovation value (ARV) of the property. If, for some reason, the renovations don’t increase the property’s value as expected, the lender’s collateral (the home) might not fully secure the loan amount.


Lending Regulations: Banks and mortgage companies are subject to strict regulations that can limit their ability to finance certain types of renovation projects and/or loan to certain borrowers.


Institutional Policies: Individual banks and mortgage companies also have their own policies and risk tolerance levels, which may exclude certain types of renovation loans.


We Can Say “Yes” – Hard Money Loans For Residential Renovation Projects

If you’ve been turned down for a renovation loan or anticipate that you will be, reach out to us!


We can typically provide loan approval in a few days and loan funding within 7 days.


We offer hard money loans for all types of residential renovation projects, including:


For more information about renovation or rehab loans, or to schedule a free loan consultation, please call (254) 230-0012 (for loans in Texas) or (503) 222-4466 (for loans in Oregon and other states).


Please note that we provide hard money loans throughout Texas, including: Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Waco, and San Antonio. We also provide hard money loans in Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, and Arizona.

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